Sunday, August 23, 2009


After two weeks learning lauguages in tafe, i shifted to level 4. Cos i got a job on tuesday! You know that, if i stayed in my original class ,i just have two days left for studying. It may delayed my engagement about next semister i would to go to the tafe's formal career i changed the plan , that's who i am now!AH ha, anyway ,a little bit hard , but i made it! I hope i would have a excellent prospect...some day!
Thanks to view my space, that's my tough road...start in AU. Good luck to everyone

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's me!

Hi ,good to see you everyone , it's me ,comes from China. Fuzhou in Fujian province....I have been here for 8 months. To be honest, i like to live here, even you dont agree with it ...maybe you are right, we are all not used to these strange place at begining.But trust me , now you already be difference. You are the special!!! After you go through this tough priod, you are grow-up!


"How am I feeling now ?"

I'll tell you, terrific! Yes, I did miss the chance of enrolling in a course about my favourite subject, electrotechnology... but I'm OK, I'm still satisfied here, 'cause there is a nice tutor in my class so I could have a very happy time in the next several months. Before I start the following semester, I will continue my language study at St George TAFE. That should be fun!!!

let me show you!

Welcome to my space
I'm new here and not familar with this web.
So if I make any mistakes or any unlegal affairs, please forgive me .
I would not take any responsibility for any case,oh, aaa...